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It is possible for a contemporary person to feel a deep connection to nature and we realize that the connection is absolute as we are part of it.


Pekan Buluh, world of craft and calligraphy is all about cherishing nature and its deep bond with life. The use of wood has dated back to ancient times and this unique craft has always been apperciated by those who want to capture nature and beauty in the rarest form.


We have brought to moderm life this ancient craft ensuring perfection in every stroke, design and creativity. Our products are a result of  combining  traditional skills and modern technology and not forgetting , delicate art. Each piece is carefully cut & painstakingly assembled manually to replicate the original building or landmark.


At Pekan Buluh, old building are given new lease of life with our unique ‘touchup’. Now each of these buidings has a story to tell with each façade often reflecting both their intricate delicacy and imposing grandeur.


One can simply say that for us, romancing the wood is a daily affair.


Our exquisite range of gifts, souvenirs and collectables have all been designed and crafted with an emphasis on attention to detail.


Our Mission Statement:


We are committed to transform creative crafts which are of quality and value for the money, to satisfy the visual senses of our customers while optimizing its price value, to satisfy customers visual sense while optimizing investment returns.

  Company Name Pekan Buluh Sdn Bhd
  Contact Person NORA AHMAD
  Address NO 111 - 2, JALAN USJ 21/10, UEP SUBANG JAYA
Selangor, MALAYSIA
  Zip 47630
  Telephone 60380233999
  Web Site http://pekanbuluh.easia2u.com
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Pekan Buluh Sdn Bhd
It is possible for a contemporary person to feel a deep connection to nature and we realize that the...
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