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Bio-Ti International Sdn. Bhd. was established as a result of observations that many pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products that are currently widely marketed to various levels of society, may not effectively address the problems that they are purportedly designed to do.

In addition to these, the explosion of new knowledge in the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries as a result of scientific research has opened up a wonderful opportunity to create new products that are both innovative and effective in improving normal living processes as well as alleviating common health problems. Bio-Ti intends to do this through strategic partnerships with innovative scientists in established educational and corporate institutions.


As an ethical and responsible company, committed to good evidenced-based practice, Bio-Ti will evaluate each of its products through the use of volunteers over an extended period of time, to assess their effectiveness on the problem that the product is designed to address. In approved clinical trials, the effectiveness of each product will be evaluated by appropriate health professionals.


It is with this background that Bio-Ti International Sdn. Bhd. was established, by a team of highly experienced scientists in the field of medical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical research as well as in pharmaceutical formulation. Among these are individuals who have decades of experience in innovative research, patent filing and commercialization of innovative research products.


Thus, all of Bio-Ti's products have been developed based on evidence-based science, not only in laboratories but also through scientific publications and clinical trials. Our priority is on the quality and efficacy of our products for the individual in the global community.

  Company Name Bio-Ti International Sdn Bhd
  Contact Person L.Y. Thean
  Address 48-B, 2nd Floor, Persiaran Za'aba, Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
  Zip 60000
  Telephone 603-7726 3850
  Web Site http://www.bioti.com.my
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