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Based in Kavadarci, TIKVEŠ is now the largest winery not only in the Balkans but also in the whole of south-eastern Europe.

TIKVEŠ is a company with longstanding experience, traditions and expertise in the production of quality wines. Each year TIKVEŠ processes up to 55 million kilograms of grapes. The average annual production of wine is about 35 million litres. There are more than 30 varieties of grapes which translate into 24 different types of wine. Current capacity allows for the processing of 2.5 million kilograms of grapes per 24-hour period.

The ratio between red and white wines produced is 50:50. The most widely grown grape varieties are Smederevka (white) and Kratošija (red). TIKVEŠ has storage capacity for some 55,000 tonnes of wine, of which 50,000 tonnes is closed and 5,000 is open fermentation space. The company’s equipment includes a bottling line for 75cl and 1 litre wine bottles (6,000 bottles per hour), as well as a bottling line for both spirits and wine in 20cl, 25cl, 75cl and 1 litre bottles (4,000 bottles per hour).


In addition to Macedonia, TIKVEŠ wines are sold in the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, the United States, Canada, Australia...

Vision and Mission Statement

The TIKVEŠ Winery aims to be a company that values its associates and consumers as well as being a leader in the quality wine market matching consumer taste with wines for every occasion.

The cornerstone of the company’s business policy is the creation of strategic and partnership relations with grape producers and consumers, which will result in a reciprocal feeling of commitment and loyalty to the TIKVEŠ Winery and its products. In reality this objective can only be achieved through an awareness of the TIKVEŠ Winery creating something of value for both target groups.


Since time immemorial, on this Macedonian soil, under this sun and sky, people have been making good wine, the wine that arouses the imagination and fulfills people's dreams. The Tikveš region is a place where people live from wine and for wine, where people love and make wine... It is a region with undulating vineyards, wineries and whole villages dedicated to wine, people whose days and nights are devoted to one thing only: to growing, cherishing, keeping and enjoying wine.



  Company Name Tikves Macedonia
  Contact Person Vincent Chuah
  Address 29 Noemvri 5 Kavadarci
  Zip 1430
  Telephone + 389 43 414 30
  Fax + 389 43 415 45
  Web Site http://www.tikves.com.mk/default-en.asp
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